Merino Snug Avoca Lace Knit Large Merino Wool Scarf

Merino Snug

This lace wrap doubles as a large scarf or elegant wrap. An ideal travel companion “ exceptionally warm and lightweight (175cm x 60cm).

Product Composition: Australian Merino Wool 60%, Possum Fur 30%, Nylon 10%

Don't be disillusioned by the common misconception that woollen garments are difficult to take care of. Merino wool is unlike anything you have experienced before. Our wool is sourced from Australian Wool Network whose wool growers produce Australia's best 'modern Merino' wool. This 'modern Merino' is some the world's easiest to care for and we know you will want to keep your garments looking their best, so here are a few easy tips.

Hand Wash, Machine Wash or Dry Clean?

The care label inside your garment is the best place to start to help retain your wool clothings as-new look and feel. Some of our labels require hand washing while others may be machine washed. Let the label be your guide.

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Type: Scarf

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